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The simple way to Publicize Your Pro Photography Business Online Part 2 of 3 PPC

We saw in the 1st article that there are several strategies to generate clients on the web. These are:

– Generic listing in the search websites such as Google
– PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
– Paid adverts in online internet sites and directories

In this post we’re going to look at the second of these methods.

PPC Pay Per Click

This is the way Google makes its money! You find a keyword that you would like to rank for and you place a bid to see if you can ‘win ‘ the ability to have your advert placed on a Google page. Dependent on how competitive the term is, could pay anything from 1 or 2 p to many pounds. The adverts will appear on the right hand side of the search results for the Google screen. It is critical to remember that if someone clicks on your advert then you have got to pay Google, even if you do not get a sale from the click!

While it is simple to setup and start a PPC campaign, it is worth doing some Internet research first to make sure that your cash is spent well. By choosing a less competitive terms, you can get more clicks for less investment “more ‘bang for your buck ‘ and don’t forget to set affordable daily spend or else you will go broke quickly.

The main thing to recollect with PPC work is to check your advertisements. It is possible to run different adverts based totally on different wording and also to change the sales page where the clicks first go to. By changing just one or two parts of this ‘landing page ‘ you can increase the conversion rate for your campaigns. Here are one or two key points:

– Keep the page free from other distractions and mess
– Remove any navigation links that permit the visitor to move away from the page
– Prove a clear ‘call to action ‘ ie tell them clearly what they have to do
– Explain what will occur when they follow this action
– Use Google analytics to trace your different campaigns and adapt them based primarily on the results you get back.

Conclusion: Good way for wedding photographers to quickly build business. Expensive and should be used carefully. Time in planning your campaigns and analysing the results will raise your returns significantly.

Clwyd Probert is a wedding photographer with Pixcellence who are experts in wedding photography Birmingham and also cover weddings in Britain. See the website for more information.

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How to Promote your Pro Photography Business With DVDs and Slideshows

DVD and videos are a great marketing resource for any wedding photographer and are heavily underused. Done well they can enhance and promote your brand and make a contribution to your SEO traffic. It is vital to realise that the creating of a DVD slideshow is easy and there are a number of different systems available to do that. Once it has been produced it is important to distribute it in as many different forms and as widely as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the options:

The easiest way to Produce A Slide-show

There are a number of systems available from different suppliers. For one or two years the market leader was a system called ProShow Gold (for the PC). Mac users have always had wonderful DVD creation tools like Final Cut. However in the last couple of years there’s a new (web hosted) DVD system called Animoto. It does not provide all the power and flexibleness of the other systems but this is why it is so good for the bulk of photographers “it’s so convenient to use and produces excellent results. Upload your photographs, choose your music and ‘BAM ‘ you’ve got a stunning slideshow.

Slideshows can be put on your site as marketing demonstrations of your work, they can be burned to DVD and sent out to clients to play on home systems or they can be uploaded to YouTube or other video hosting sites for everybody to see.

Remember, if you upload a video to any site that’s not your own, always include an outline of your services and a link pointing back to your site.

Second thing to keep in mind. Always include your company name, webs address, tel and e-mail in the slideshow itself “so regardless of whether it gets copied and re-used, you info is always identifiable.

Pixcellence wedding photography are based in London and Birmingham and most of their work is Indian wedding photography. See their internet site for full info.

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The simplest way to Make A Perfect Portrait By Using A Balance Of Natural Light And Flash

Many amateur photographers have real problem when it comes down to utilizing flash outside to make a sophisticated ‘fill-in ‘ flash effect. The commonest mistake is by using too much power in the flash which will smother the natural light and produce an exceedingly synthetic look for the image. If you leave your camera on automatic the tendency of the on-camera exposure meter is to see the scene as ‘dark ‘ and set the flash to high power with a fast shutter speed and middle-sized aperture. The result might be satisfactory as a party image but isn’t acceptable for a serious portrait.

There are many things of importance here and it’s possible put together a straightforward step by step guide which will allow anyone to form stunning portraits.

The first thing to recognise is that there are 2 elements in the image which are receiving light from 2 different light sources. The 1st is the background which is lit from background light. This may be sunlight outside or possible artificial light from within a room. The second part is your subject which, being nearer to you, will receive some illumination from the background light but most light will come from the flashgun. Both these elements have to be considered independently for a good picture to be created.

We shall presume that the flash gun is positioned ‘off-camera ‘, but this isn’t a must have for this method to work.

Most important things first we need to set the exposure for the background. Ensure that the flash gun is turned off and use your manual exposure reading to form an exposure to provide a pleasant background effect. This could involve changing the ISO setting, lowering the shutter speed and using a bigger aperture to allow more light into the camera.

Now turn the flash on and set it to manual. Try experimenting with different settings until subject is suitably exposed.

In this way you are using two different light sources and systems of control. The camera exposure is being set for the background and the flash for the subject.

With a little experimentation you will be producing wonderful exposures that any professional wedding photographer would be proud of.

Pixcellence Wedding Photography are a group of pro photographers who specialise in Asian Wedding Photography in the United Kingdom. They run training courses to help photographers improve their photographic skills.

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Is the Canon Rebel T3i Worth the Investment?

Offered by one of the leading players in digital cameras, the Canon Rebel T3i is the most up to date in the DSLR market. There are some provoking functions on the Canon made Canon Rebel T3i. It is at present the flagship offering from Canon. There is an articulating LCD display, all new functions for making video, updated automated modes, and other cool updates that make it worth each buck. Slated for release in quarter one of 2011, this Canon device is listed at a reasonable price.

Like its forefathers, the Canon T3i looks like it belongs within the Canon Rebel line. With a black casing, the body of the camera has some weight to it. The rear of this camera has a revolutionary LDC display that flips out. This feature was initially offered on the Canon 60D and is now making its appearance within the Canon Rebel line of products. To the right side of this camera unit is the standard memory storage slot. To the left side of this camera is a port for use in connection with other marginal devices. The top of this camera features a pop up flash function.

With the cost of the camera, one will receive everything needed to start to use the device on a consistent basis. This incorporates the camera unit, a camera strap, an audio visual wire, a USB wire, an eyecup, a lens, the battery energiser, and the standard battery. This unit is an 18 megapixel camera with a CMOS sensor. The unit holds a DIGIC 4 image processor which is completely compatible with numerous different memory chips to add on storage. The user will be well placed to capture footage with a wide range of resolutions due to the devices capability to work with any of the Canon EF lenses. The camera is also kitted out with many aspect proportions. The unit has AI focus AF, Predictive AL Servo AF, and functions for One Shot Autofocus. Direct printing options, 9 focusing points, flick mode, noise control features, a self timer, and a variety of white balance presets are available.

This camera camera is straightforward to hold and is cushty within the hand thanks to the grip area. Despite the enormous size of the camera, this camera remains simply managed. Even though it is larger than the Canon T2i, this particular model only weighs 570 grams in total. One may say the best feature is the revolving display that permits one to capture videos on the device very simply. Also, the articulating display makes it very straightforward for shots at awkward angles.

If you're a paparazzo that's looking out for a gizmo that will creatively capture video and stills, than the unit offers some impressive features which will make it worth the first investment. This is a fantastic DSLR due to its 10x Zoom feature, Video Picture function, and the ability to record video in HD. The unit is fast and powerful thanks to the high powered sensor and prime quality image.

For more data about Canon Rebel T3i, you can read Canon Rebel T3i Review at

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Should I Sell My Photos As Stock Photography

Thinking it time you started selling your photos as stock photography? Stock photography is big these days and everybody appears to be doing it, unfortunately though, most people are going about it the wrong way.

The very first thing you need to do is choose where you would like to end up …

Do you want a full time business? Do you dream about throwing in the day job and becoming a full time photographer? Or do you simply need some more cash from your photography? Perhaps you’d be content to buy a new lens every now and then from your profits?

If you would like the former, you’re looking at joining a competitive business and that’s going to take significant time, effort and you’re going to have to invest real money to make it happen.

For stock photography you need to think about every aspect of your photography the quality of your work, the commercial potential of the subjects you shoot, how many pictures you have on file and how frequently you add to them. Quality, Content & Volume to be successful in stock photography you have to have each of those aspects absolutely covered.

If you feel you could have work to do in any of those areas, I’d recommend you take some time to work on them first. Take a short course to fine-tune your technique, buy some stock photography books to find more saleable subjects, and then shoot like mad to build up your catalog.

Stock is competitive and certain to suck the joy right from your photography if you try and start selling your photos before you are ready.

If you aren’t out for a major life-change though, you really have other more options.

A lot of part-time photographers place their pictures with the microstock libraries and hope to make a little bit of small change each year but I truly believe this is about the very worst of your choices.

A number of these stock photo sites are selling photos for a greenback or less each, royalty free, so the photographers gets a few pennies for the sale, and the purchaser gets free usage of the image, for evermore. This doesn’t worry lots of amateurs, but it has a huge impact on the industry. If that does not concern you, it probably should.

If things change and you decide one day to sell your images seriously, every $1 sale you make is going to make it that much more difficult for you to earn a living. And to make things worse, you won’t be able to sell and of those images to top-paying Clients, because you’ll have no idea where they have been used before or where they could turn up next.

Sometimes you will find a better option for the hobbyist is to use your imagesimages as content instead of product, and publish them on your own simple photography sites promoting affiliate products. For most photographers this will lead directly to better returns without giving your images away for peanuts, and if you one day opt to get serious about selling your photos, they’re still totally yours to sell.

Brad Stephens contributes digital stock photographyto the GlobalEye library and publishes instant affiliatephotograph web sites in his spare time

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Buyng Stock Images Online

Occasionally too much choice can be a bad thing and stock photography is an excellent example. For years plenty of the household-name stock photo libraries would promote themselves as being the largest and having the biggest collections. If you’ve been paying attention more recently though, you could have noticed that isn’t such a unique selling proposition any more and plenty of the bigger libraries are now busy looking for alternative ways to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

The truth is, many photography users find giant stock image collections time-intensive and tedious to search, in spite of the improvements in photo search engine technology. The issue is, the scale of these collections has increased at a greater rate than the search technology has improved … So in many cases, photo research has essentially gotten slower and more difficult. It’s no surprise then that more photography-researchers are opting for smaller ‘niche’ photo libraries, when they need to buy stock photos on the web.

These boutique stock libraries don’t even try to compete on volume and most of the time they can’t compete on price either … But more and more buyers are swarming to these photo stock sites just the same, with a totally new set of reasons-to-buy.

Personal customer service, direct contact with the photographers, fresh original images, unique styles and content. OK, maybe these aren’t totally new reasons after all , but they are reasons-to-buy that have been pushed aside for far to long.

A lot of it comes back to how the photography user values their time, and what kind of price they put on finding the right photograph fast. The good news for photographers is, more are prepared to pay a bit more to avoid the tedium of a mass-distribution library and hone in on quality new pictures faster.

So the next time you need to buy stock pictures, take a pass on the big stock photography super-stores, and check out a few of the boutique collections instead … You might be surprised.

Matt Brading is a photographer and writer with the Global Eye co-operative stock photo agency, where buyers can deal direct and buy stock photos directly from the photographer

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Productive Email Templates For Wedding Photographers

For wedding photographers an email marketing generally takes two forms. Firstly is an email sent to a possible customer offered by a third party source like that supplied by an external marketing company or internet site. Secondly are email responses made thru your own internet site where the potential client has already seen samples of your work and understands you basic offerings.

In each case the final goal is the same: To make the customer prepare an appointment where you can meet and agree a booking. It is rare for a bride to appoint a wedding photographer over the telephone or through email as they will often need to meet and talk about the event in the flesh. Personality is a major part in this and the bride will want to understand that she’ll get on with the photographer before going on to make the booking.

To beat the opening inertia concerned in getting a reply, the photographer has to follow the following plan:

– They have to grasp the difficulties that are most critical to the bride.
– They must show that they can address these issues and provide proof of this.
– They must give a clear course of action for the bride to follow.
– They must explain obviously what will occur when they take this action.

Each photographer will have his very own speciality and endowments which make him stand out from the others, but here is an example for a photographer focusing on reportage photography:

Issue that’s vital to the bride: Subtle photographer who will not interrupt the day and spoil the spontaneity of the event. Secondary concern: Photographer ready to capture high quality photographs without stopping and posing the couple.

Photographer addresses this issue by explaining obviously in the email that his main method of working is ‘reportage ‘ which involves a very hands-off approach. He backs up this claim with links to photographs showing the natural nature of his client images and also with a number of brief testimonial quotations from brides thanking him for the quiet style that he uses, yet still able to capture the important moments.

The ‘Call To Action ‘ should be clear. Asking the bride to reply to the email to arrange an appointment or informing her that you will be calling back inside 2 days to order this.

Make it clear that any appointment is made without any commitment on her part to make a booking. This reduces the implied risk in her accepting the meeting. Stress the advantages which include the facility to meet the photographer and see samples of the actual products (albums, prints) which will be delivered.

Always use you business email address and never a universal e-mail system such as hotmail or gmail as these aren’t seen as serious tools. If you utilise a distincive e-mail template, keep the design easy and do not include complicated pictures or patterns.

Clwyd Probert is a wedding photographer with Pixcellence. A UK based company who specialise in Asian Wedding Photography

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Is A Beach Wedding An Appropriate Location For The Most Important Day Of Your Life?

In these modern times there are several people who are no longer happy with non secular affiliations but still accept the signification of wedding. There are plenty of good excuses to consider a beach wedding as a place for the most important day of your life rather than a church.

There are plenty of online guides to making this a practical option. More info and guidance can be gained by immediately contacting the websites that offer these occasions. It's very important to remember that a site usually should be registered with the local executive as a place where the person conducting the service has the authority to pronounce a legal marriage.

There's a strong desire among many couples to have this kind of rite due to the cultured components. Footage, films, and memories should be pretty in the surroundings that most sea based locations offer. Sun and warmth generally are evoked and are favored by the general public but there is dramatic and jaw-dropping scenery available in nations with less of a guarantee of good weather.

Because time spent with friends and family can be tough to find, regularly couples blend their stag or hen parties with this trip away for the actual wedding. Honeymoons can also be included with or without friends and family once in a preferred location.

Beach entertainment regularly includes activities that can't be faced anywhere else. This means that by combining all the before and after rite celebrations in one trip, people can take part in experiences that they have always wished to, such as surfing or snorkeling.

Around the planet many beaches are available for private bookings that are located near to other rite options like parks and non-public halls. If there are legal or practical problems or other concerns about being announced as married basically on the beach then it is possible for the reception to be held there as an alternative. Depending on who organizes the occasion, stuff like chairs and tables could be brought by the party or prepared with the booking company.

Weddings are infamously costly even if a pair or family makes an attempt to be reasonable. Because of assorted costs, package deals to exotic locations may very well cost less or around the same amount. This is especially true is they're booked in advance. There are many firms that provide some or all of the obligatory bookings and a short search on the web will give contact data for further research. Nonetheless many countries require the couple to register their intention to wed ahead so do make sure that as individuals all of the necessary legal aspects have been met.

Depending on the particular location, beaches suitable for rites are found both in or near cities and in more secluded areas. This suggests that each taste and all needs can be catered for. If going to a more isolated location, make a list far in advance of obligatory supplies like food and drinks as well as medical kits and extra clothing for shelter from cooling temperatures and shade from the sun.

Margie Lanny is a freelance copywriter and a Virginia Beach wedding photographer. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Virginia Beach then visit

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Would You Like To Find Out How To Take Top Spot In An Online Cutest Baby Contest?

There are many benefits to joining an online cutest baby contest. One of the reasons are obviously the prizes available. You can receive anything from cash prizes to $25,000 scholarships which is pretty nice. But one of the most under the radar and potentially most beneficial benefits of joining a cutest baby contest is the fact that those contests are usually either judged or trolled by real-life casting directors and talent agents. Since kids are always growing up and changing, there always has to be a new influx of talent. And since kids are usually not exposed to talent agents or casting directors unless they tend to live in New York or Los Angeles, these online beautiful baby contests are a great way for them to find fresh new kids.

In fact, the entire shooting process of your photos is usually great training for any would-be baby models or baby actors in the future. Just be sure you have patience and remember to work with your little one when they’re in a very good mood. Allow them to eat or rest when they have to. This can give you the very best potential for taking the absolute best picture. In addition there are several tips to keep in mind when sending in a picture to an online baby picture competition.

To begin with, attempt to take close up shots. The judges often enjoy close-ups and do not like seeing a lot of chaotic backgrounds in the pictures. There really should only be one baby center stage in a baby photo that’s entered for a contest, and that’s the baby! If you are capturing an image outdoors watch out for what you see in the background. If you’ve got a bunch of complicated and dense shrubbery or woods in the background it can be distracting to the eye.

For more great information take a look at There you will discover ideas together with photos showing you exactly how to take the ideal baby contest picture. There are particular things to bear in mind when taking your photographs that judges search for in particualr. This web site will really offer you an advantage and also provides a lot of good examples of past winning photos. Priceless stuff.

Keep in mind, armed with a digital camera, these days you don’t have to worry about running out of film. So snap away, you’ll find that perfect shot!

Remember, for more terrific advice on how to take the best baby contest photo, head to Cutest Baby Contest. For example, you’ll find great tips on Gerber contest 2011.

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A Better Way To Sell Stock Photography

Anyone who’s been battling to sell photos online for any period of time will know that photographers have been getting a pretty poor deal recently. High competition has meant that most photographers are getting significantly less sales than in years gone by and those sales they do pick up are typically at much lower prices.

To add insult to injury, with digital submissions the photographers are frequently doing more of the work the photo libraries used to do. Where before they used to just post off a submission a few times every year and leave it to the library to do everything else, now they finish up formatting & cleaning images, adding captions and keywords, and all of the management chores …

And no surprise the major stock libraries are still taking their 50% commissions out of any stock photo sales, even though web catalogues and eCommerce checkouts mean their workload is almost hands-free.

It’s no great surprise that plenty of independent photographers are asking what they are really splitting their sales for?

Well a new kind of stock photo library has emerged that addresses these issues and attempts to put the photographers back in the control. They are the direct contact libraries and a lot of photographers and photo-buyers see them as the way of the future.

Most operate as photography marketing co-ops, where their photographers work in cooperation to promote their work and generate sales while sharing their costs and overheads. The library provides the sales platform and the photographers take responsibility for their own sales. The photographer is liberated from restrictive contracts, agency fees and they’re free to set their own photo prices and license conditions.

An added bonus for the photographers is that, for the first time ever, stock photographers can build their own buyer list — buyers known to use the subjects they shoot — and they can sell stock photos to them on their terms and their schedule. Instead of waiting around for new photo clients to find them or hoping their existing clients might come back for more, they can take new stock photography and concepts directly to the photo buyers, effectively creating online photo sales on demand.

In the current day’s super-competitive stock photography industry many believe this is the only possible way for photographers to grab control and build a viable and sustainable business selling photos online.

Matt Brading is a freelance photographer and writer who chooses to sell stock photos with the OzImages Stock Photo Library.

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